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if you've been arrested or charged with a crime you need immediate representation you need to act quickly – the possibility of going to
jail or prison is a frighteing situation for anyone.
That's why you need an attorney who will agressively
protect your rights and challenge prosecutors, the
evidence, and the courts to do what is necessary
to stand up for you. > MORE
when your civil rights have been violated there are laws to protect you from unlawful or discriminatory
acts by public companies, private employers, and the
government. Pursuing civil claims requires a skilled
attorney who can navigate the complex liabiity defenses
of companies or overcome the government's
immunity to preserve your rights. > MORE
if your cild has been taken by cps or arrested you need an experienced juvenile attorney to
fight the allegations by CPS for the return of
your child. > MORE
If your child has been arrested, you need
an attorney to take charge of your child's
case and agressively represent
his/her best interests in court. > MORE
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what's new at J&J Peter and Carin Johnson successfuly defend a
father against charges of child abuse, NOT GUILTY! > MORE

Family wins a record $3.25 million judgment
against the San Jose Police Department > MORE

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