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Driver’s License Suspension and BUI

The Department of Motor Vehicles unsuccessfully argued that it could suspend a person’s driver’s license upon conviction of boating under the influence. After the Department lost in court, a Bill was introduced into the State Legislature attempting to grant the Department the power it claimed in the courts. Continue reading

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DUI Bar to Real Estate License

A conviction of a DUI can prevent the issuance or cause the suspension or revocation of a real estate license if combined with another conviction involving drugs or alcohol. The California Real Estate Commissioner has developed criteria for the denial, … Continue reading

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Are Commercial Drivers’ DUI Penalties Appropriate?

DUI Penalties For Commercial Drivers are severe even if not driving a Commercial Vehicle at the time of Arrest. The Commercial Driver will experience a one year disqualification upon the first conviction, suspension or refusal. The Commercial Driver will experience a life-time disqualification upon a conviction, suspension or refusal with a prior offense. Continue reading

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