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We are devoted to providing expertise to our clients in DUI/DWI, criminal defense, juvenile law and civil rights claims. We are qualified and experienced trial attorneys and treat every client as individuals with specific needs.

Clients’ Thoughts:

“Hiring Mr. Johnson was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is hard working, extremely intelligent, and very well respected by all courts. Trust his process and his strategy, and you’ll be in good hands.”

“Carin Johnson is an outstanding lawyer. From the beginning of the process seeking help until my case closed she guided me through with her knowledge and expertise. I have never been through anything like this in my life yet Carin kept me informed, calm and confident that she had me covered. She was able to clearly explain the process every step of the way. In the courtroom, I felt strength having her by my side. Carin represented my family with care and excellence. She advised my husband on representation and her recommendation of Araceli Ramirez created a power team going to bat for us. There were times in my case I felt like giving up but with Carin’s knowledge and words I would feel like I could go on. She always went over and beyond her job. Even one time she was out of town with her family but she still answered my calls with patience and grace. After my court hearings, she still made herself available to me until the official closure of my case. She never handled me as a case but she built a personal and lasting relationship with me. I will never forget our last court hearing when she and Araceli came out of the courtroom to tell me we were going home to our babies and I saw they had tears in their eyes and I sobbed like a baby. They truly made a professional and personal connection to my family and I am ever grateful. If you are seeking legal help regarding family law look no further Carin…my super hero…is who you need.”

“Peter is phenomenal at what he does. He is extremely talented and works hard to achieve the results you are looking for. The process was long, but worth the wait. I made a terrible decision and was arrested for a DUI, but Peter was able to help save my career. He was able to get both my court case and DMV case dismissed. Exactly what I needed and worth every dollar. Don’t expect several phone calls and emails from him but expect him to tell you to live life as you normally would and let him take care of your case. Best investment I made and I highly recommend him.”

“I hired Carin for a recent dependency case on the advice of my court-appointed attorney, and it was the best advice that I have ever taken. Dependency law is a very specialized and sensitive area of law and Carin is an absolute expert in this area. She made herself available to meet with me after hours the same day that I called her due to the time sensitivity of the case. She carefully explained the entire process to me and made sure that I understood exactly what to expect each step along the way. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire case, including nights and weekends, even on her own birthday. The quality that sets her so high above the rest is her compassion – she took my case personally. I felt that she was more than my attorney, I felt that she was my family. She fought for me and my daughter as if we were her own. She doesn’t take on clients for their money, she takes on clients because she feels strongly about advocating for the reunification of families, especially when the parents are wrongly accused. My case didn’t go to trial, and I am 100% confident that if it weren’t for Carin, we would not have had the same outcome. I owe everything to her – she saved my family!”

“Peter Johnson is highly knowledgeable in DUI laws. He is professional, upfront and very honest. My case took a long time through the courts but I was very pleased with the outcome! It was definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend Peter Johnson.”

“We were put into an unfortunate situation by an ex-spouse who falsely accused a 7-year-old living in our household of inappropriate behavior. CPS was called and we had no idea how to handle the situation. After talking to two well known family attorneys in Contra Costa (one of which is very high powered), both highly recommended Carin as a must have attorney to help deal with CPS. It took only the first 5 minutes of my initial conversation with Carin to know that she was exactly the attorney we were looking for. She was very knowledgeable of the process, and each step happened exactly how Carin said it would with CPS. She helped prep us for what was coming and the best way to handle each step. The piece of mind alone knowing we had someone like Carin in our corner was worth every penny in itself. On a side note when Carin shows up with you to the CPS office, you can tell they are somewhat freaking out that they have to deal with her.”

“Peter seriously saved my future, he is incredibly knowledgeable, trustworthy and doesn’t like to lose! He is very upfront and honest with you at all times. The courts like to push cases back, courtrooms aren’t always available, so it takes a while to finally make it to a jury trial. But when you do, Peter is amazing! He captivates the jury with his knowledge and passion. I never had imagined that I would have the DUI charge dismissed but when the verdict came down as ‘not guilty’ I felt like it was a dream! I highly recommend Peter!”

“Carin represented me in a recent dependency court matter in Sonoma County. Carin was responsive, creative, adaptable, and extremely intelligent in the way she handled my case. Although my case did not go to trial, I have no doubt in my mind it could have if my council was not as skilled and knowledgable as Carin. Dependency law is highly specialized, and Carin is an expert. Carin always took the time to answer my questions and explain the process in detail. She came to all proceedings prepared and having done any applicable research into case law. Carin had a plan and strategy from the very beginning and was prepared for multiple contingencies. Carin’s partner Peter Johnson assisted me in minor criminal proceedings, and their coordinated approach was highly beneficial and streamlined communications. Peter was excellent to work with as well. Last but not least the billing was exceptionally fair and her services were worth every cent.

I cannot overstate what an exceptional job Carin did on my case.”

“I was arrested over 5 years for a DUI .08. my car parked in a driveway and I was not in it. Peter was honest and upfront with me from day one. We had a 50/50 chance going to jury trial. In my line of work an arrest is bad enough, a DUI is not acceptable. Peter was able to plea for disorderly conduct, 1-year probation and his office would help me remove from my record after 1 year. Peter will not sugar coat he is very direct, honest, knowledgeable and responsive. He will not tell you what you want to hear, he will tell it like it is, good or bad and likely scenarios. No false expectations. I strongly feel he was there to fight for me each and every time in and out of the courtroom for the best possible outcome. if you are facing a DUI charge, Peter is the best.”

“I hired Carin after I had some issues with CPS. Carin was straight forward and honest. She worked very hard to get the situation resolved. Carin was always available. I never felt lost or helpless. She fought hard for me and my children. And if it wasn’t for her and her team. I would not be spending the Holidays with my children. She will always hold a very special place in my heart. I hope one day we can come together to make the world a better place.”

“Peter Johnson was great. He fought my case from a possible DUI down to a dry reckless. The first Attorney did nothing to help my case and should have collected 911 tapes that could have helped my defense. The only thing the other Attorney did for me was find Peter Johnson. Peter knows the law and will fight to get the best possible outcome of the case. If you’re looking for warm and fuzzy, he is not, however; if you want a lawyer who enjoys his work and performs to the highest of standards, Peter is that Attorney! Thanks again Peter for fighting the good fight!”

“Carin Johnson was actually recommended to me by my court-appointed attorney in Napa county because of her experience with clients that have been recommended to be placed on the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). In this case, the establishment and nurturing of prior relationships was necessary. Carin was familiar with the players involved and was able to advocate successfully on my behalf. There were extenuating circumstances that helped to disprove all claims made by CPS. It took some time for those facts to reveal themselves. Carin proposed a strategy that proved wholly successful and resulted in a complete dismissal of the case. Carin was attentive to my needs and she was sensitive to the facts surrounding my case. The staff at Johnson & Johnson were also very attentive and stepped for a couple of the hearings. I would highly recommend Carin’s service when there is an issue with juvenile dependency law.”

“Peter Johnson handled my case extremely well. I was very happy with the deal that he was able to get for me. He was very knowledgable and he seems to have a handle on all the ins-and-outs of DUI cases.”

“The man works magic ! not just in DUI but violent crimes I was charged with three assault’s w/bodily injury which carries a hefty sentence of 4yr state prison per charge I had no witnesses and 15 witnesses against me were two of the men were hospitalized he as able to get the charge reduced an plea me out with 4 months house arrest an 3yr probation an in contra costa county that’s a miracle he saved me a ton of money an a lot of time this is the least I could do was post this trust me don’t waste your time going to another lawyer this mans your one stop shop”

“I hired Peter to help with my son’s Minor-DUI case (was driving with a .04 and was subject to having license taken for a year by DMV). Peter was really helpful, getting us an extension twice when needed, meeting with us multiple times, answering all our questions, and then winning our case! It was a stressful situation for our family and having somebody who knew the ins and outs of the DMV system, including which hearing officers are friendly and which are not, and the relevant case law, was a big stress relief. I would highly recommend Peter for this type of work.”

“Carin Johnson is an EXCELLENT lawyer!! I was falsely accused of a terrible allegation. I had 3 lawyers before Carin that did absolutely nothing to litigate my case and take it on! The allegations eventually became a vicious cycle that got worse with time. Unfortunately, I was stuck in nightmare that I could never wake up from. I felt like there where vultures attacking me left & Right due to these allegations. After 2 years I found a National Organization for the falsely accused. They referred me to Carin Johnson. When I met Carin I knew something was different about her. She was compassionate about her clients & her work. She took her time to really investigate my case. She gave me her undivided attention & was quick to get back to me on everything. She was there for me day & nite. No other lawyer gave me this type of compassion and loyalty to my case ever. She is so well respected in the court community. When I retained Carin the attacks stopped. I felt protected by Carin. I actually put her in my cell phone as, “Vulture patrol”. She is now a friend for life. She saved my life & my daughter from a terrible situation.

She performed a miracle in the courtroom during trial. After almost 3 years of being falsely accused it is impossible in the legal system to turn a case around after so many years of damage. I watched Carin methodically day by day start to turn the ship around and stop the attacks. Her strategy is amazing to watch. No one had the knowledge, education, and passion to litigate my case. When it came to trial I felt so proud that I never gave up on my innocents and I knew in my heart I had the best lawyer by my side to clear my name.

My ex had already assassinated my character to so many people and the community. None of that mattered anymore because I knew in my heart I would get justice with Carin. I knew I was credible and my ex was not credible. I was honest with Carin about everything. I also respect Carin because she will not take on your case unless she feels you have a real testimony to the truth. Money is not what drives her. What drives her is her passion for justice and to exonerate the innocent. That alone is why she is so respected in the Court community. I had the opportunity to meet high respected experts and people in the legal system. Carin is worth every single penny if you are blessed enough to retain her. The day of trial finally came. After the judge had heard the case and Carin was able to get the judge to go back almost 3 years which is a “Miracle” in itself.

I was exonerated of the terrible false allegation my ex got away with for way too long. The judge also threw out people in the case due to its longevity because of Carin! I have never felt so free and blessed in my life. Most importantly, Carin saved my daughter from a terrible life situation that was built on lies. I now have my daughter completely back in my life! I am exonerated and free from a terrible nightmare that I could never wake up from. Carin has become a great friend and always will be, I will never forget her and what she has done for my family. She is my Guardian Angel and my Rock/Diamond! I have learned so much from her. She almost makes me want to become a lawyer because I look up to her so much! I would love to exonerate the innocent. I can not recommend a better lawyer! If I could give a million stars I would! 2016 has never been better!”

“I am currently a graduate student with a bachelor’s in mathematics and working on my masters in education. Almost all my life I have aspired to be a math teacher and when I was charged with a DUI I saw that dream going down the drain. I knew I wanted to fight it, knowing that if I had a misdemeanor on my record I wouldn’t be hired as a teacher. I hired Peter Johnson as my lawyer, it went to a jury trial, and I was found not guilty.

Peter Johnson saved my career and my dream. I could never thank him enough. He was everything I could have asked for. He is very knowledgeable about everything pertaining to DUI cases. This includes traffic law, DUI investigation protocol, compliance with Title 17, the devices used to test blood/breath alcohol, and more. And if his extensive knowledge isn’t enough, he is amazing in the courtroom. He connects to the jury by making them realize their importance in the justice system and also by making everything clear to them. Like what was said in previous review, “he is a hawk.” I could not have asked for a better lawyer.”

“How does one put into words the tremendous amount of gratitude one feels for their commitment to fighting for your family and your children? There simply are not enough words to say thank you. Carin is hands down the best attorney anywhere you will ever find to fight for and advocate for your family. She is brilliant, very ethical, compassionate, generous with her time, has experts at her fingertips to assist with your case, but most importantly, she will fight for your case, as if she was fighting for her own family member or child! Her passion to put the child’s best interest first, is second to none.

Carin is not easily retained, nor are her services cheap. However, the amount of personal attention you get with Carin, expertise, and passion to fight for your family as if they were her own blood, makes her a HUGE bargain! She is worth 5x the amount she charges, if not more when you consider what she has accomplished for the families who hire her and the generosity of her time. If she does not believe in the client, she will not represent them; but when she does, she gives it her everything, making herself very available to those who hire her.

I trust no one else to fight for life’s most important gift, my family and my daughter’s best interest. I am so grateful to Carin as an attorney, and as a friend. I promise you, once you work with Carin, you will not want to hire anyone else to advocate for your family. She is worth every penny and more! Thank you Carin”

“I hired Peter Johnson to defend my partner against criminal charges of defrauding the state of California (2 felonies). The case took place in Mammoth Lakes, CA and Peter drove all the way there for the arraignment. He spoke with the District Attorney and convinced him that I had important information regarding this case. The D.A.’s investigator interviewed me as a witness with Peter Johnson sitting by my side. The D.A. decided to dismiss all charges against my partner. My partner and I were ecstatic. Peter is not only an excellent lawyer but is also a compassionate and moral person.”

“Carin Johnson is the best attorney! She has represented me for the last two years in an ongoing child custody nightmare that turned really ugly when my child’s mother made false allegations against me in an attempt to remove my custodial rights. After a thorough investigation, the Police realized that my child’s mother was lying so they advised me to seek assistance from a national organization which defends the falsely accused. The organization directed me to Carin Johnson. From the start, she listened to me intently while preparing a game plan. Carin was a consummate professional and she showed up fully prepped for trial. After the first two days of trial, the opposing counsel withdrew their false allegations in order to prevent his client from losing custody. Carin realizes that justice had not been served and she agreed to stay on to assist me. She is an absolute Godsend! She is worth every penny and I consider her more than my attorney; she has also been an advocate and a friend. Carin is full of integrity and she will get the job done!”

“I had a summons dropped on me & no clue what was happening. Peter was quick to respond, jumped thru hoops & resolved my issue without me having to travel out of state. He took immediate action as needed and handled my case efficiently. I highly recommend Peter and will use him again!”

“A wonderful intelligent person, that understood what faced and was with us every step of the way as a lawyer and a friend. None of what we have now couldn’t have happened without her.”

“I’m very glad to have chosen Peter Johnson as my DUI attorney. Peter’s a straight shooter. He’s not necessarily going to try to make you feel warm and fuzzy about everything. But in the courtroom, he’s a hawk. Bottom line, he got my charges dismissed, and that’s the most important thing.

Through the process, I learned a lot about how the system works. Trials get rescheduled. Witnesses are expensive. Judges go on vacation. These factors were frustrating to me, especially at first. Peter probably could have done a better job preparing me for these situations early on. Once he helped me understand these factors, he worked very closely with me on the details and presented me with a variety of options and potential outcomes. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and clearly is very experienced. I can’t imagine going through this ordeal with someone lacking these skills.

I highly recommend Peter if you need an aggressive, skilled attorney.”

“I had the pleasure of having Ms. Johnson assist me in a very difficult time in my life. With a child with behavioral and RAD issues, led to an unfortunate situation. It was probably the darkest period in my life but Ms. Johnson was nothing but fabulous of being caring to my personal concerns but extremely aggressive on resolution options to pursue. Through a well thought out process and plan not only were all legal items dismissed but I was able to reunite with my family and have a second lease on life. Ms. Johnson is caring, very very aggressive and extremely responsive. She is very well known in the CPS circle and has a huge influence to drive decisions. I am blessed to be her client and friend forever.”

“Peter Johnson representation of my case was far beyond the caliber of anyone else in his field today! I did not know the BAC has a variable of +/- .4%. I did not know that the sobriety tests administered by law enforcement have no scientific research supporting their findings. Peter guided me through the humiliating and unfair treatment of the law enforcement, “Guilty until proven innocent” procedures at work today.

He far exceeded my expectations of being relieved from unfair practices of a DMV system that behaves unilaterally without regard to laws or rights, and a legal system that is often unwilling to consider a fresh perspective on a process riddled with double-jeopardy. If you find yourself in a legal situation that has cast guilt before trial, seek out the legal counsel of Peter Johnson at The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson in Walnut Creek.”

“Carin did a wonderful job handling my case. I retained her for an emotionally difficult juvenile case and she has been wonderful in the help she has provided. She takes the time and the effort to know her clients as individual. She earned my highest level of trust.”

“Peter is great to work with.”

“Mrs. Johnson is not only a great lawyer but also a great person. She made me feel good and confident since the first time we talked on the phone. Mrs. Johnson took action right away and kept me informed throughout the whole process. She explains everything and breaks down whatever you have a problem understanding. Thanks to Mrs. Johnson and her great dedication to helping me in my case I am now done and over with my case. I greatly appreciate all the help Mrs. Johnson gave me and I know she will help others just as much as she helped me.”

“Carin handled a civil harassment/restraining order case for myself and my wife. From the minute we met her she made us feel comfortable and valued. She listened very intently to our situation and immediately jumped right in with great counsel. She is extremely knowledgeable about the law and was very energetic in pursuing our case. She had many useful insights and developed a great strategy for our case. She made tremendous use of a top-notch private investigator that we understand is an often used resource for her. She kept in touch with us at all times and was very diligent in giving us information about the progress she was making and how her strategy was evolving. During the hearing, she was quite effective on direct questioning and did an equally strong job on cross-examination. She always seemed to be one step ahead of the opposing attorney. She is adept at reading the courtroom atmosphere (the judge, the flow of testimony, etc) and adapted her handling of the case to produce a very satisfactory outcome. We consider ourselves blessed that we had Carin representing us.”

“Wow! At consultation, she found out right away I was charged wrongfully! (300a, instead of 300b). The previous court-appointed attorney & the one I hired didn’t catch that? Nor did they even explain things to me, which is why I consulted with Carin. After accepting me as her client, & seeing how she works in the courtroom, I can say that I feel more at ease & worry free, compared to before. I only wish I’d consulted with her sooner, So if anyone out there is looking for a great lawyer, I highly recommend Carin Johnson & her Firm, without a doubt!”

“I believe I called Carin on the Friday evening, she agreed to meet with me that weekend. It was Sunday afternoon and her office was closed but that did not stop her she understood my urgency and arranged a consultation. That Monday was court and the next week my child was released back to her family. Carin asked me to trust her, and I did, I had no choice, I was at the mercy of her knowledge and experience. I have had a number of bad experiences with Lawyers and have come to believe all the ugly things people say about Lawyers. However, Carin shattered all those ugly remarks and showed herself to be loyal honest and trustworthy. As of today if I have any legal matters I will consult with Johnson and Johnson first if they can’t handle my case. I will trust their recommendation. Thank you again and again Carin!”

“Carin responded to an immediate need quickly and professionally.

While working diligently on my case she made me feel as if I was her primary focus and it put my mind to immediate ease. She backed all of her statements to me with strong case law, and always spoke in clear concise language.

What I enjoyed the most (besides a favorable outcome to my case) was that she was always VERY quick to respond to any type of inquiry. I never once felt lost or alone. I knew that I was truly represented.

I am proud to have her as my lawyer and would ask her to represent me every time.”

“Ms. Carin Johnson came to my rescue at a time in my life when I was lost as to how to help my family. As I laid out the problem and my mission Ms, Johnson took me on as her client. I couldn’t have been in better hands. She listened to my story/problem. Did her due diligent with all the information I was able to provide. Ms. Johnson was honest with me about all the outcomes that could happen in court. Then she presented my case in court. Ms. Johnson was very professional in executing the case before the court. She presented from a point of confidence & knowledge. Because of Ms. Johnson and her skills, our family has had years of peace. If you’re looking for a lawyer that will fight for you, be honest with you, present your case in a professional manner, Ms. Johnson is the lawyer for you.”

“Working with Carin was a pleasure. She handled my issue brilliantly & completely exceeded my expectations. She was able to handle my case without me having to miss work or appear in court. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and would use her services again.”

“We decided to retain Carin instead of Legal Aid and feel her work on our case and results were worth the time and extra cost. She held CPS accountable to the law and even handled our various appellate petitions. Dependency and juvenile court procedures are frighteningly byzantine to those of us on the “outside”, and her compassion and knowledge in fighting for us in that court helped change things in that county.”

“Fighting a case against Child Protective Services is very difficult and sometimes impossible but for a lawyer to step in and replace a Court appointed attorney toward the end of a losing case is very scary and a huge risk but the risk that paid off when we hired an amazing lawyer Carin Johnson from the law office of Johnson and Johnson in Walnut Creek CA. I had called many lawyers to take our case because my daughter did not hurt her child and she was about to lose this child forever. Carin Johnson was the first lawyer to listen to our case in its entirety without interruption and cared about what was happening. She took our case and dug in without stopping. She was always so prepared to fight in court and her mind never stopped thinking. You could see this on her face at all times. Not only is she an incredibly smart and resourceful lawyer but very passionate about her client’s cases. When our case went to the appeals court in San Francisco she stood in front of three Superior Court Judges and was not only confident and prepared but spoke eloquently and compassionately. We are now getting my Granddaughter’s room ready for her to come home. It will be a very emotional day for my entire family. Our lives have been changed forever due to Ms. Johnson help. We are eternally in her debt and there are no words to express how grateful we are to her.”

“For the past 15+ years, Carin has represented me on a variety of legal matters, including traffic infractions (speeding, carpool lane, lane changes, yellow/red signals, toll/light cameras, etc.) to DUI. She brings a proactive communication style, with many years of experience, combined with expertise and professionalism. Her proactive approach has been instrumental in developing long-term relationships and key winning decisions in various counties throughout the court systems (Alameda, Contra Costa, etc.). Carin has also appeared throughout the entire State of CA, including the desert towards Las Vegas on my behalf. She has provided legal services to my closest friends and I entrust she is the best attorney in Criminal Defense. The legal fees associated with the amount of work is significantly less than representation of other attorneys without proven records and you will get more value with her level of service and commitment. I would support and endorse Carin L. Johnson as my attorney of choice for any future matters.”

“Carin Johnson is the most knowledgeable, exceptional attorney anyone can hire. When other attorneys tell you that you have no chance and to give up, Carin will fight for your rights and give it all that she has.

Carin heard my story and gave me everything she had in the courtroom. She was able to bring in expert witnesses who annihilated what the prosecution was brought in. Carin’s poise and demeanor in the courtroom resounded so professionally that the other attorneys did not know how to handle her. In her cross-examination of their witnesses, Carin would tear down their testimony to the point that the witness would be thrown into confusion and frustration on the stand. At one point, I *almost* felt sorry for one witness, almost. Carin knows how to get the truth out of the prosecution’s so-called “witnesses”. Carin’s knowledge in juvenile law is beyond anything we had ever seen. Even the bailiff in our courtroom told her she was “a breath of fresh air”. She brought her expertise to the courtroom that even the courtroom staff had never seen before. Carin was more than professional in how she represented herself, me, and the case that she was defending. I had confidence in her ability to defend my case and my child. She never left any doubt when things didn’t look good; instead, she kept fighting for me. We ended up winning our case and having it dismissed completely. In a case where one attorney told me to give up, Carin was able to have the judge dismiss it in its entirety and give me my family back.

Carin was not only our attorney but she became part of our family. We spent countless hours at the courthouse along with phone conversations working on my case. I owe her everything for the work she did. I highly recommend her to anyone and especially for those who feel like their case is impossible. With Carin, no case is impossible.”

“I had a complicated case with my mother involving guardianship of my daughter, I was trying to terminate the guardianship. I was referred to Carin Johnson to represent me. Carin called me back very quickly and was able to see me the next day for a consult. Carin suggested I allow one of her associates, Jesse, to represent me so he can get more experience but she would be there for the court date and for meetings, I had absolutely no problem with that as when I met with Jesse and Carin for a consult Jesse was awesome. We only had 2 weeks to prepare for this and A LOT of information I had to provide them with. Jesse was on top of things and constantly in touch with me to update me on what the next step was. Both Carin and Jesse really cared about my family and what was best for us, they are truly amazing at what they do and seeing Jesse in action in court I was awestruck. The guardianship was terminated and I couldn’t be happier, I would recommend them to any of my friends or family. You can tell this firm really enjoys what they do, they know what they are doing and do it well, and cares about the people they represent.”