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Domestic violence is a serious offense in California. An arrest for domestic violence can result in significant charges for the accused of the crime. A person accused of domestic violence can face substantial fines, penalties, jail time, and a criminal conviction. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is imperative that you seek an experienced domestic violence attorney in Walnut Creek, CA as soon as possible. Enlisting a Walnut Creek, CA domestic violence attorney to help with your case can greatly increase your chances of getting your charges reduced or even dropped.

In California, domestic violence is detailed under Penal Code Section 273.5. Under this code, a person can be accused of domestic violence if he or she inflicts injury on a spouse, cohabitant, parent, or romantic partner. If the alleged victim displays corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition, the person who inflicted the injury could be charged with domestic violence. It is important to note that domestic violence charges vary by the level of the offense. For instance, battery charges are misdemeanors, while more serious charges can result in felonies.

Most of the time, minor domestic violence charges are considered misdemeanors. For instance, if you push or shove your spouse, parent, cohabitant, or romantic partner, it is a form of battery. The alleged victim does not have to show signs of injury for it to count as a battery offense. Even though a battery offense is minor, it can still carry heavy penalties, fines, time in jail, and a misdemeanor criminal conviction. Make no mistake, a prosecutor will try to convict a person to the full extent of the law. Consequently, it is highly advised to consult with a Walnut Creek, CA domestic violence attorney if you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Moreover, even if you have been charged with a misdemeanor, your offense can escalate to a felony charge. The consequences of a felony charge on domestic violence cases result in increased and magnified penalties, fines, and jail time, not to mention a felony criminal conviction on the defendant’s criminal record.

If any following is present in a domestic violence case, the offense can be considered a felony:

  • If there is evidence of bodily harm
  • If there is serious bodily injury on the victim
  • If the defendant has prior convictions of domestic violence
  • If a deadly weapon was involved

Domestic Violence Charges Are Severe

In California, even if the alleged victim did not report the occurrence, charges of domestic violence can still be brought against you. Charges for domestic violence are difficult to drop, but with a skilled Walnut Creek, CA Domestic violence attorney, they can work your case and find the best solutions and options to get your charges reduced. If you were wrongfully accused, an expert Walnut Creek, CA Domestic violence attorney is able to aggressively defend your rights.

The consequences of domestic violence can be overwhelming, and a conviction can affect your life for many years. When it comes to domestic violence, the legal system is complex. This is one of the main reasons why it is crucial to employ a professional domestic violence attorney in Walnut Creek, CA to assess your particular case.

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