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Above all others, the very most important reason to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney when you have been charged with a crime in Martinez, CA is that they possess the experience to truly understand exactly how the local judicial system works. The legal system is incredibly complex, even for those who work within it daily. An experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Martinez, CA possesses inside knowledge of Martinez courthouse procedures and can use it to help you through the legal process.

Martinez area criminal defense attorneys establish relationships over time with the prosecutors and the judges that they regularly work with. Criminal defense attorneys defend clients in the same courtrooms again and again. It is inevitable that they will develop these relationships with the prosecuting attorneys, who control the criminal charges that are brought against their clients, and the judges who hear these cases. While the relationship between a defense attorney and a prosecutor is usually portrayed as purely adversarial, both professionals realize that developing a familiarity with each other benefits everyone involved in the case. Hiring an attorney who has good working relationship with the prosecutor can very much improve the outlook for the resolution of your case.

Any experienced criminal defense attorney who serves Martinez has watched cases exactly like yours play out time and time again. For you, being charged with a crime means being in unfamiliar territory. A trained defense attorney, on the other hand, deals with these situations on a daily basis. He or she can give you a realistic picture of what you can expect based on years of observing cases very similar to yours in the same court. All attorneys may have graduated law school and passed a state bar exam in order to start practicing law, but different attorneys choose to practice in various areas of law. A truly experienced criminal defense attorney serving Martinez, CA has dealt with defending against all kinds of criminal charges, including cases that could be nearly identical to yours.

A Martinez, CA Area Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Future And Save You Money

A skilled Martinez area criminal defense attorney can fight for the legal rights that you may not even know you have. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get your criminal charges reduced or even dismissed. This could potentially amount to keeping a felony conviction off of your record, preserving your reputation and your career. Lowering the penalty range that you face can save you from serving time in jail and potentially losing your job.

While hiring a worthy attorney is a large expense upfront, it has been proven that you will actually save money in the end, if your attorney is successful at reducing your potential sentence. The expertise that a Martinez area criminal defense attorney offers could keep you from losing your employment or your professional licensing. A good attorney’s contribution to your case could save you from becoming a convicted criminal and all the financial disadvantages that come along with that.

One of the ways a Martinez area criminal defense attorney can defend you from criminal accusations is by spotting law enforcement misconduct in the investigation of your case. The average person simply is not qualified to understand all of the rules of what law enforcement is allowed to do when obtaining evidence in an investigation and why. A good criminal defense lawyer serving Martinez has surely spent many years learning proper investigative procedure and identifying common violations of rights. They know precisely what police officers are allowed to do when investigating a crime, when, and why. Your attorney will be able to tell if the police have infringed upon your rights. If the evidence that proves the government’s case against you was gathered illegally, then your lawyer can ask the judge to throw that evidence out of court, which commonly leads to the complete dismissal of that charge.

Since they are already familiar with the court, the judge, and the prosecuting attorney long before taking on your case, a local Martinez area criminal defense attorney can realistically prepare you for all the outcomes he or she considers common in your case, rather than making promises that likely can’t be kept.

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