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Criminal arrest and charges are a very serious matter

Criminal DefenseIf you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you must act quickly — the possibility of going to jail or prison is a real and frightening situation for anyone caught in the wheels of the criminal justice system. That’s why you need an experienced attorney who will aggressively protect your rights and challenge the District Attorney, the evidence, and the court — and stand up for your rights.

If You’ve been arrested:

  • Do not talk with anyone from law enforcement or the District Attorney, until you’ve talked to an attorney. It is your Constitutional right to NOT speak to law enforcement– remember, they are trying to build a case against YOU.
  • Never agree or volunteer to any request or demand from law enforcement to a search, or allow them to take anything from you without a warrant.
  • Never sign anything law enforcement or the District Attorney gives you without first talking to your lawyer.
  • NEVER PLEAD GUILTY without first speaking to an attorney, no matter how hopeless your situation may seem!
  • Never represent yourself. The District Attorneys are very experienced prosecutors who know the law better than you do– and will use that advantage against you in court.
  • Never make an appearance in court or attend a hearing without talking to an attorney first– who is experienced in criminal law.
  • Meet with your attorney and tell the attorney everything about yourself and the circumstances leading up to and after your arrest. Everything you discuss with your attorney is confidential, and cannot be used against you in court.
  • Do not discuss your case with your family, friends, or especially — any person in jail. With very few exceptions, everything you say to others can, and probably will be used against you in court.

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